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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Shameless Self Promotion

Blogs are great for quickly and easily posting short articles about topical topics, but they're not so great at providing static reference information. So I've started up a little web site to provide some reference information about how film classification works in Canada. It's still in development, but starting to grow. The home page shows the ratings for recently classified films, and allows easy province to province comparison. For example, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol is classified PG in Ontario and British Columbia, allowing anyone to see it without restriction, while in Quebec, Manitoba, and Alberta, pre-teens must be accompanied by an adult. Does this mean children in Ontario and British Columbia are more worldly? A second page provides more information about the ratings systems, such as how film classification is managed in the provinces and territories that do not have classification agencies. There's more to come, but feel free to take a peek now, and leave any comments that might make the site a more useful resource. The site is

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